Today high technology companies have tremendous opportunities for growth — consumers and enterprises are rapidly adopting new applications supported by the growth of broadband and wireless communications, IP telephony, digital media distribution and the rise of user-generated content. To help you excel in this exciting environment, International Orange Strategies provides a wide range of services to deliver effective marketing and sales initiatives that can:

    Identify opportunities to boost revenues  
    Increase account control  
    Build customer loyalty  

With deep domain expertise in the broadband and wireless communications, networking and online media industries, International Orange focuses on delivering services that address the full spectrum of your marketing needs:

    Customized Research — To help you more clearly understand the attitudes and needs of business and end-user customers, buying patterns, and market trends, International Orange conducts customized market research tailored to your unique requirements.  
    Strategic Marketing — To help you develop a strong marketing foundation, International Orange provides strategic marketing — market gap analysis, pricing, promotion, advertising, distribution and competitive positioning strategies — that will correctly position you in the market, differentiate you from your competitors and maximize your mind share with business partners and customers.  
    Sales Tools — To speed your sales cycle, International Orange develops compelling sales tools, including presentations, Web content, datasheets, brochures, advertorials, white papers, customer case studies and demand generation programs.  

International Orange delivers a host of innovative services that can help increase customer awareness, speed uptake rates and enhance your brand.