Whether you need strategies to attack a new market, customized research to understand enterprise or consumers needs and attitudes toward a new product or service, or sales tools to speed your sales cycle, International Orange can deliver effective marketing and sales initiatives that can identify opportunities to boost revenues, increase account control, and build customer loyalty.

With International Orange, you get:

    Effective Market Research — By developing tailored research programs that can pinpoint enterprise buying preferences and market awareness based on well-defined criteria, International Orange can uncover business opportunities that can be harnessed through thoughtful marketing campaigns.  
    Deep Domain Expertise — With years of experience launching products and building opportunities in challenging and emerging markets at companies including Ascend Communications and Lucent Technologies, the International Orange team has in-depth knowledge of the telecommunications, networking, and computing industries.  
    Industry Focus — While other firms may focus on a variety of industries, International Orange concentrates exclusively on the telecommunications, networking, and computing industries. Our team lives and breathes technology markets, vendors, products, services, and service providers — this enables them to leverage their knowledge to deliver the most valuable marketing programs for you.  
    Extensive Field Experience — With many years of experience selling solutions to enterprises and service providers, International Orange consultants can develop programs that can increase sales create new opportunities for business and channel partners.  

The International Orange team can effectively leverage our knowledge to deliver successful marketing and sales initiatives that can help increase customer mindshare, speed uptake rates and enhance your brand.